Dismiss alarm on console

I have the virtual switches set up for Arm and Disarm on my panel. Is there a way to dismiss an alarm from the panel or do I have to do that in STHM?

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Hi @nbunn221, I believe the STHM alert can only be dismissed in the SmartThings app.

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That is true. There is no way to disarm STHM alarms other that ST application. :frowning:
One thing you still can do with SharpTools panel is to create tile (and create virtual switch in ST) → change mode to “home” and turn sirens off (with webcore etc.). Alert still shows is ST application and you can dismiss it later.

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Hi my friend, You can create a virtual switch to triggers STHM status for disarm, also turn off alarm…
I have a virtual switch DISARM, when triggers, it shuts up the ADT/ST panel and external siren as well, set some lights to advice that alarm went off… I have other button in the panel that does not disarm, just silent the external siren …

Just noticed @JiiPee might have a typo in this post after seeing @Carlos_Juarez’s response. You can use the Virtual Switch approach to arm or disarm STHM in the Dashboard or Rule Engine, but cannot “dismiss” the security alarm notification other than the SmartThings app, which is what @nbunn221 asked in his original post.

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Oh yeah typo. I ment… no way dismiss an alarm :slight_smile:

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I know this is old, but my question relates…

I understand that I will need to go to my phone and the ST app to dismiss a security alarm notification, but it is possible to at least display on a tile that the alarm notification exists so I can go to my phone and dismiss? I don’t check the app all that often to be honest. Thanks.

Could you have STHM flip a virtual switch on and display that in your dashboard?

Thanks for the tip. I will see if I can get that to work.

UPDATE It appears there is no way to capture the act of dismissing the alarm notification. I was thinking simply disarming STHM would work for flipping the notification off, but that won’t work as you could disarm without dismissing the notification. Smartthings really needs to improve this crap. Hard to work with.