Discord channel?

@James and @josh what are your thoughts on a discord channel. This might help with some of the easier questions to be answered from the community.

It might be also helpful and easier to have a chat to where it’s easier to express ideas of for improvements or feature requests.

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Thanks for the feedback, Jake! I don’t personally use Discord, so can you help me understand what features or benefits it has over a community (like this one built on Discourse)?

One of the benefits of having a core community like this is it gives us a primary place to focus on. Whether it’s SharpTools staff or a community member, there’s usually someone who is pretty quick to answer questions.

And as an added benefit, there’s no additional logins required. If you have a SharpTools account, you have access to the community! While it’s not a ‘chat’ system, Discourse has a number of ‘real-time’ features like being able to see if someone is replying to you, PMs, etc.

The best place to do that is the new Feature Requests category that we just introduced! It supports voting, so it makes it easier for us to get a feel for the level of interest in various features and prioritize accordingly.

I completely agree with you @josh. This is an amazing community, I am a member of multiple discord channels. With that being said sometimes in a real time chat ideas / conversation can have a natural flow, an idea can change and grow with multiple peoples input on the spot.

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