Dimmer / RGB Presets

Another feature I had on a previous dashboard that I found quite useful was dimmer and RGB presets. For example, we tend to use the same brightness percentages (15, 30, 45, 60%, yes we are cave dwellers). Rather than sliding the slider back and forth to the preferred brightness level I was able to define a set of 4 preferred Brightness settings. On RGB Bulbs I could set a combination of up to 4 brightness settings or colors, for example blue, 30%, 60%, and red. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to that dashboard to show an example. This just made it easy to quickly get to the preferred settings rather than fumble with the slider. We could still use the slider if we wanted another brightness or dimmer setting. would something similar to this be an option to consider?

Thanks for sharing the use-cases and examples along with your feature request. Very helpful!

And yes, something similar to this has crossed my mind several times for color pickers. I had been stewing on the idea of automatically remembering the last n color choices you’d made (per client) and presenting those as quick options in the color picker.

It sounds like this request might be slight different in that you wanted to explicitly define some of those ‘quick’ choices for your dim levels.

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Yes, sounds slightly different. I believe by default it had 25, 50, 75, and 100% and red, green, orange, and blue. The intent was as you said to remember the last color choices, but as you used them it was supposed to remember. Once it was rolled out I found I could actually predefine the choices. We rarely have anything over 50% brightness in our home. Where the mixed brightness/colors came in useful was in the bedroom where we have RGB bulbs, primarily for night vision so we don’t trip over a mostly black cat or dogs in the dark. I think I actually had that set at 15, 35, 50 and red. Honestly, even just defineable brightness would be a great option for us.