Digital Clock Super Tile

I have added Digital Clock Super Tile:
When choosing 24 Hour format, all minutes are correct.

When using 12 hour format the “0” is missing during the first 9 minutes of each hour. We can underst 12:2 is really 12:02 but it is unfamilar to most folks. Is rhere a way to insert the “0”?

Yes, that looks like a bug. :flushed: I’ll update the thread when we have a fix out.

Can you share a screenshot of Date/Time item’s configuration within your Super Tile? I’m not able to reproduce this in a Super Tile with any of the time formats.

I can, however, reproduce it in a regular clock tile where the time format is explicitly set to 12h rather than using the system time.

Clock Tile



Super Tile



h:mm A
hh:mm A

I pushed an update which should resolve the issue with the 12h format on the regular clock tile. You can refresh your browser page while viewing a dashboard to pull in the latest updates. :slight_smile:


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