Different notification for alaram triggered

Hi, I want to know if there is an option of getting different notification to my phone when the alarm is triggered.

Currently , when the alarm is triggered I’m getting the same notifications as the rest of my notifications on smartthings and I want a different one so I can pay more attention to iti when it triggeres.

is there a rule that I can do ?

I personally configured my rules to send Pushover notifications using different sounds based on the types of triggering events or conditions. ex: Siren for security related, and Echo for informational types of notifications. I set the priority to HIGHEST if my garage door is left open for 20 minutes, and it will continuously remind me until I acknowledge the notification. See the Pushover sound and priority options in the post below.

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You can use STHM to send you text notifications when an alert is triggered.

I do this too. It’s fast and reliable.

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