Different dashboard for different rooms?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but I couldn’t seem to find it in search.

Can you have a different dashboard based on which room a device is in? I’m not taking about any kind of fancy location detection, but being able to identify maybe through the URL or something which room a device is browsing from so if I have multiple devices throughout the house, the experience is different based on which room that device is tied to.

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Absolutely, you can create multiple different dashboards and each will have different URLs. So you can customize each dashboard based on the specific needs of the room and custom layout per device size. For example I have dashboard dedicated for my phone, main home dashboard on wall mounted 10" Fire tablet and another one for my bedroom on a 8" Fire tablet.


@James Let’s say I want to have 1 “Home” dashboard for each room, but all child pages the same. How would I link those child pages to their respective home dashboards?

@sharptools501, how about adding the Navigate Back tile to the child dashboards? So it can navigate back to whichever parent dashboard (the home dashboard for each room) where it was navigated from.


Let me give that a go.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work for me since I have some dashboards that are nested and could create a loop (e.g. parent > child1 > child2 > child1)