Dial pad in tile?

Hi! I’m wondering if there’s anyway to make a tile of a responsive dial pad to call phone numbers (perhaps using a calling app calling system)? I read it might be possible to be done using html and javascript (which I know nothing about). Also, where would I even enter javascript?

Here’s a link that may help in understanding what I mean:

From a quick review, each of these examples shows how to create the visual dialpad UI… but don’t actually have the action of initiating a call.

What type of device did you plan on running this on (eg. iPad, Android Tablet, iPhone, Android Phone)? And is your goal to make an actual phone call?

You can use HTML + JavaScript in Custom Tiles which is more of a developer focused feature.

Hi @josh I’m planning on running this on fire tablet, or perhaps iPad (whichever it works on), but preferably fire tablet. Also yes my goal is to make an actual phone call.

The challenge remains with how you initiate the action of making the call.

On a phone or something with a dialer, you could probably trigger the phone app to open (maybe using a tel:123-456-7890 link). For the tablet, you would either have to have an app on the tablet that could be opened or some other way of actually making the phone call.

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Thanks @josh! I have click to call numbers using html links, but was wondering if I could call using a dial pad in a tile, but it’s not looking like initiating a call is possible through the dial pad.

Using hard coded tel:{number} type links? In theory, you could use that same concept with a dial pad.

…but what app are you using on the tablets for handling the calls? Why not just have a link to open that app for dialing?

Yeah, I have html click to call links for certain contacts:
(for example, Name 123-123-4567)