Devices wont work from dashboard, what can I do?

After a total rebuild that overall was successful, I have 2 devices, one a Zigbee bulb and the other a group of Zigbee bulbs created in Hubitat Groups and Scenes, that will not for some reason work from the dashboard. I can control them directly from the device page, but not from my dashboard. is there anything I need to look at? I’ve gone so far as to remove them completely from Hubitat and reinclude, and rebuild them, but for some reason, sharp tools just won’t control them. any thoughts?

Are you receiving a particular error message in the dashboard when you attempt to control those devices? And is it only certain commands that don’t work (eg. color control fails, but on/off works)?

Can you take a look at your Hubitat logs while you control the impacted devices from the dashboard and see if there are any particular error messages or warnings displayed?

Since it’s just two devices, feel free to send the Doc IDs or Device IDs as text to and I’d be happy to take a closer look.

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I’ll take a look at the logs when I get home. I tried to set the multi-device one up using a variable rule. I got it half working, it will turn on, but won’t turn back off.

For the one bulb, it doesn’t generate any logs.

For the group device here is the log it generates