Devices "Things" missing

At first it seemed like SharpTools is only showing Things (devices) that are assigned to Kitchen in SmartThings. However I’ve tried adding other devices from other rooms into Kitchen, and they still don’t show up when I try to add one to a dashboard. It’s only showing 13 out of 25+ Things.

Examples of Things missing include a Weather Station I added, Ecobee thermostats and other items that show up in my ST app but don’t show up on the list in SharpTools.

What am I doing wrong?

Welcome to the community, @leogtx !

Are the missing devices included in your authorizations? Make sure to go through the authorization process again and check the boxes next to those devices to authorize SharpTools to access them:

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That was it! Thanks so much for the quick reply. Loving SharpTools so far and will definitely be subscribing, great job.

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