Device not activating with rule


When I click on a device’s tile on my dashboard, it turns on (functions appropriately). However, when I include the same device in a rule and tell it to turn on, it does not. The log says the command was sent, but it doesn’t actually do it. I’m not sure why the device would turn on when pressing the tile, but not work when included in a rule. Any ideas would be appreciated. I’ve included the log portion that states the device’s on command was triggered and the rule setup.

BTW- There are a couple superfluous steps in the rule right now, an additional on command, a 5 second delay and an off command. I added those trying to troubleshoot- just seeing if triggering it two times may help, or turning it off after. None of that helped.

Thank you!

Are there any other messages in the rule logs? Any errors or warnings?

Thanks for the response. No other messages. However I finally did get it to respond correctly one time. I think I may be having a hardware issue. I’m going to do some more testing and report back once I eliminate that possibility. Thanks again.

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