Device discovery for Hubitat regarding Sonos changes

I’m having trouble getting the device discovery in SharpTools to recognize the current Sonos speakers and names.

As some may know, Sonos is in the process of segregating their older product support from new products into separate networks. S1 and S2.

I deleted my Sonos integration in Hubitat while I moved the older products to another network. I then went and added back the Sonos integration for the new S2 network. Some speakers got renamed as they were moved around and some are gone now into their own network. When I go back into device discovery in SharpTools I only see the old configuration. Have verified in Hubitat it has correctly identify the new Sonos topology.

How do I clear the old Sonos network in discovery? I even tried deleting Sonos App from Hubitat, rebooting the hub and trying the discovery again and the old Sonos devices still show up.

Would you mind sharing some screenshots of what you’re seeing?

Josh - while going to pull screens shots, I found the issue is Hubitat is leaving those devices orphaned. Just deleting the Sonos integration or running the Sonos discovery does not fix the problem. Upon deleting all the old and new Sonos devices individually in devices, the problem is fixed. I guess thanks from Sharptools to find a problem in Hubitat Sonos integration!

All works as expected now