Device attribute as input argument

I would like to see the possibility of using the device’s attribute as an input argument, both for condition and for action.

At the moment, only a constant (fixed number) or a variable can be used for that purpose. Current solution requires a creation of a variable (pro only) first, assigning it to attribute and using it later as an input argument, and what I would like to have is cutting the middleman (variable) and direct use of attribute as an input argument.

Use cases would be comparing one attribute (not necessarily from the same device) directly to another (right side) in condition and writing from one attribute to another (not necessarily from the same device) as action. This is obviously for (analogue) values only.

One example would be comparing dimming level of one light to another, and writing of whichever is higher to another … but I could think of many other use cases!

         If (dimmer) level of light 1 is higher than (dimmer) level of light 2
         Then set level of light 2 to the one of light 1
         set level of light 1 to the one of light 2