Dashboard & variables

I have a SuperTile created that shows the statues of two Boolean variables. It’s a 1x2 tile. When these variables are “True” the text on the tile will display as such, but when the value changes to “False”, the tile is blank. I have no special customization on this tile or any unique “Styles”. The only thing I have set is “Capitalized”.

Is there something I am doing wrong?

Have you refreshed the browser that is displaying the Super Tile recently? There was a bug where ‘false’ variable values would display as blank on Super Tiles but it was fixed and refreshing your browser to pull in the latest update should fix it.

I ended up having to close out of the kiosk app that I am using on my two wall mounted iPads, and reloading the SharpTools url altogether. (As in put in a different “Home” page, then enter in the shaptools url again.

I cannot seem to find the correct url that takes me directly to my SharpTools dashboard. Do the dashboards have unique urls? Or is the proper way to launch the correct dashboard by going to “Dashnoards” in SharpTools, the clicking on the three dots and choosin “View (Kiosk Mode)?

Thank you in advance.

@Ridyn_2007 Each of the dashboards has its unique URL, and you can attach the parameter in the URL ?kiosk=true to force the page to be opened in the kiosk mode. So you can set the specific dashboard page’s URL and the kiosk parameter as the “start page” in the kiosk app.