Dashboard Timeout

Not sure if my setup is the same as most people’s setup, but I have what I consider my ‘Home’ dashboard, and a number of other ‘sub category’ dashboards. When I click on a sub-cat dashboard, it would be nice if that dashboard had a timeout period where it automatically linked back to the home dashboard if no input was detected for a configurable period of time. This would result in the home dashboard being ready to be presented the next time if a previous user navigates to one of the sub category dashboards and walks away when they are done.

Hi @James_Levac, what tablet are you using (Android or iOS) and if you are using Android, you can try Fully Kiosk Fully browser, which supports the timeout feature and rollback to the default page after idle for a while.

Thanks, I am using kiosk browser, but I couldn’t find this setting, I guess I’ll have another look.

Note that you’ll need Fully Kiosk Browser 1.39.1 or newer for this to work as there was a bug in older versions where it wouldn’t recognize the URL changing.