Dashboard Tile vs Hyperlink?

Is there a fundamental under the hood implementation difference between a hyperlink that points to a dashboard and a dashboard tile?

As far as I can tell, there’s no way on a current dashboard to know where you came from, which means that adding a back button assumes you already know where it came from. If you link to the same dashboard from multiple other dashboards, though, back could have a different context.

How are people handling that?

Are there any near-future plans to support a mechanism like a ‘back’ tile that knows where you came from?

Barring a good option, I may implement my ‘go to dashboard’ tiles as hyperlinks that link to an internal redirector web app that keeps track of the source dashboard, with a ‘back’ tile that returns, kind of like an externally persisted ‘back’ button.

I would love-love-love a javascript tile that could control rendering and action based on an API exposed by the page, even if it meant signing all sorts of waivers. :slight_smile:


Yes and no. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Dashboard tile just has the one action of routing you to another dashboard (within the web app so it’s fast).

The Hyperlink tile has three different actions, which roughly map to the following actions:

  • Open in Same Page → window.location = url
  • Open in New Page → window.open(url, '_blank')
  • Open in Modal → modal.show(url)

Internally, the Open in Same Page option has some fancy logic that checks if it can route you within the webapp which is much more efficient than letting your browser handle it.

I like the idea. As far as I’m aware, we haven’t had any requests for it. I think most people just use Dashboard Tiles to navigate back to a central ‘navigation’ page, but I can totally see how some way of just navigating ‘back’ would be desired if you link to the same dashboard from several different dashboards. I’ve added it to the list. :smiley:


Thanks for all the info and adding the idea to the list!