Dashboard size differences on mobile

I am just starting out with Sharptools but have enjoyed it so far. I designed a dashboard for my Samsung S8+ and then decided to give my wife access with her S9. Annoyingly the dashboard doesn´t translate well to her slightly smaller screen.

My layout is for 120px which looks bigger on the S9, but 80px shows up similarily on both. Any idea if this can be fixed somehow ? Perhaps a 100px mode ?

Here are some screenshots on the S8+:



On the Samsung S9:



Based on what you are describing, it sounds like the resolution of the devices is slightly different (I thought they were the same, but perhaps there’s something different about how the phone sees the available resolution). Usually in the case of devices with different resolutions, the recommended solution is to design a dashboard that targets each device.

If the devices are close enough in size, you may be able to target a resolution that is close enough between them (as you alluded to), but usually the sizes are different enough that it wont work.

Keep in mind there is a tile size of Custom if you want to try other sizes (like 100px as you mentioned):

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Aww, come on ! How could I miss that option ? :sweat_smile:

Changing the tile to 110px did the trick. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

EDIT: Not quite related, but it seems that when the weather tile should show minus degrees centigrade, that it does not update. Could this be a bug ? Not sure if that is the case also for Fahrenheit ?

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What platform and device are you using for weather?

If it’s SmartThings, it looks like they’ve sunset the WeatherUndeground APIs that they’ve been using, so if you’re using a custom device handler it may need to be updated with the new APIs.

I am using Hubitat with the ApiXU weather app. It was working fine at first, but then it went down to 0 and it no longer updated the temperature, but the other values seemed to update fine. Then the temperature went above freezing and the temperature was reporting again. This is the reason I asked if there was a problem with minus values.

Is there any way I can check on logs for this ? I am sure it has been reporting as that seems to work fine on Hubitat. Currently we are are having 7 degrees of “heat” and things seem to work fine in Sharptools.

Let me see if I can send some simulated negative values over to a local development instance and see if everything processes all the way through.

You could enable logging in the SharpTools Hubitat App, but we aren’t verbosely logging the values that are getting sent across. I have a Hub dedicated for testing, so I can set it up and authorize just a simple simulated device and will watch the process all the way through to see what I find. :smiley:

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Hey @Kristjan_Ulfsson - I wanted to provide an update that I looked into this and I believe I was able to partially reproduce this. What I saw was a number of attributes from the APIXU driver are updating as expected, but several are not.

For example, the main temperature and humidity are updating as expected, but the ‘feels like’ temperature and other supporting attributes are not updating as expected. I’m looking into it and will let you know as I have an update - my apologies for the inconvenience. :slight_smile:

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Sounds great Josh. No worries about the very slight inconvenience. Looking forward to seeing if this can be fixed.

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+1 Hubitat APIXU details partially not updating. Wondering if there’s any developments in the pipline? (or maybe a different app for sourcing weather data to consider? Are any others known to work correctly?)

Not working: Feels Like temp, Wind speed, Sunrise & Sunset.
Working: temperature (F), humidity, conditions.
Thankfully, so far, I’ve not hit zero degrees so I haven’t seen that particular issue.

We are actively working on two things:

  1. Updating the approach the SharpTools Hubitat App uses to setup subscriptions so it can be more dynamic.

    Currently the subscriptions are setup when the HE app is installed/updated and it’s based on Hubitat’s capability definitions (eg. Switch capability defines a switch attribute). Since ‘Weather’ isn’t a defined capability, that means several attributes like feelsLike, windSpeed, localSunrise, and localSunset aren’t defined by any capability and thus aren’t subscribed.

    In one of the recent Hubitat platform updates, they added some APIs that we needed to dynamically setup new subscriptions, remove subscriptions, and interrogate which subscriptions already exist. We already use similar APIs in our SmartThings integration, so we’re porting the logic over and working to get it through the release pipeline. :slight_smile:

  2. Premium Weather Integration

    We’re looking at introducing premium weather integrations directly into the SharpTools platform. This would enable us to provide high quality weather data with additional visualizations, tile layouts, etc. We’re still in the analysis phase on this one, but expect to start actively developing the integration in the near future.

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@Kristjan_Ulfsson and @martybird

Just wanted to give you guys an update that I’ve made good progress toward getting the dynamic subscriptions in place for weather (and other features) in my development hub. There’s still a number of steps left to get it through the release cycle, but wanted to update you that progress is being made. :wink:


Very cool. Efforts appreciated.

This is very nice. One thing that I would like to see though is an option to show wind speed in m/s which is the unite of measurement used here in my country (Iceland).

I requested this in APIXU Weather from Bangali and it was incorporated in 4.0.3. but how would I go about adding it to the tile instead of kph ? Since this attribute (along with others) is available in the code, is there some provision for being able to add that also to the tile in Sharptools ? Could we perhaps also add attributes to the tile ?

If we imagine that each entry on the tile already has a position, could we choose to show attribute x at position y ? And potentially add other attributes below the current ones ? This would then be similar to the MyTile attribute in APIXU: Apixu.com worldwide weather data with outside lux. No PWS or server setup - #235 by arnb - Code Share - Hubitat

SharpTools automatically uses the unit of measure that’s reported with the wind attribute. As you may have noticed in the GIF, the wind units automatically switched from KPH to MPH when I switched on Imperial Units.

Perhaps Bangali could add another preference that let you specifically choose which wind value/units to use? In looking at Bangali’s code, it looks like the driver automatically uses MPH when ‘Use Imperial Units’ is checked, otherwise it uses KPH…so maybe he would be open to another option. :slight_smile: Otherwise you could tweak the driver around line 287.

In Bangali’s APIXU driver, you could change the line from:

sendEvent(name: "wind", value: (isFahrenheit ? obs.current.wind_mph : obs.current.wind_kph), unit: "${(isFahrenheit ? 'MPH' : 'KPH')}", displayed: true)

To something like the following if you wanted wind hard coded for m/s:

sendEvent(name: "wind", value: (obs.current.wind_kph / 3.6f).round(1), unit: "m/s", displayed: true)

Great. Thanks. I will look into that. My on-the-fly calculations of kph / 3.6 are not to be trusted. :slight_smile:

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