Dashboard refreshes from ipad full screen on safari and quits full screen . How to fix this?

Hi I notice that intermittently ipad full screen on safari refreshes and full screen quits . It’s frustrating to keep click the three dots as the media tiles are not in position.

How to stop quit from full screen mode ? I can’t use any kiosk app as shortcut on FaceTime don’t work. So I am stuck with safari full screen.

Hi @Dj_FuNkysara - welcome to the community.

Can you tell us more about your setup? What model iPad are you using and what version of iOS is it running? You mentioned that you’re viewing SharpTools full screen on your iPad - does that mean you are using the Add to Homescreen approach noted here or something else?

Wanted to jump in on this, having the same issues. I am using a 1st gen iPad Air that is updated as far as it can (iOS 12 I believe).

I’m having the same issue where it will randomly go white for a second then exit full screen. It used to be like once a month, but becoming almost daily.

I am using the safari shortcut.

My older iPad in the basement does this occasionally as well, but maybe 3 times in the last year.

Any idea the reasoning?

I’m thinking maybe a reboot would help, but just curious what could be causing the issue.