Dashboard Refresh Button

There are times when my dashboard (on iphone) fail to get updates (specifically if I used the dashboard on my phone, and then maybe an hour or so re-open the dashboard). Sometimes it never gets updated and other times just takes a really long time.

My dashboard on my phone is saved as an “app” on my home screen and when it it opens up it defaults into kiosk mode (so no Safari refresh button visible).

As it stands, my most reliable way to do this is to “kill”/fully close the app and re-open it so it starts from scratch.

Was wondering if there was a way I could put a tile at the top of the page that was a “refresh” button.

On my Android device it’s a Chrome shortcut and all I have to do (if needed) is “pull-down” on the screen to refresh. Apple dosen’t do that?

If I use the actual safari web browser and navigate to SharpTools App to view my dashboard, I can swipe down and it DOES refresh. I get the rotating wheel and all my tiles very clearly go through a refresh cycle.

However, when I have the dashboard setup as a pseudo app/home page shortcut, the swipe down method doesn’t work.