Dashboard not saving

Hi there
I’ve got an issue with one of my dashboards disappearing. I spent a long time making one and it showed in the dashboard list initially. Then, after changing to another dashboard (to link through) I noticed that the dashboard I made was no longer listed. At first I thought I did something stupid, so I started again and made sure I saved often. I opened the dashboard menu in another browser tab and noticed the dashboard wasn’t listed. So I tabbed back and pressed save a billion times more (both save icon and through the menu dots) and even tried renaming, but nothing helped. I also noticed that the save icon didn’t disappear and it stayed in the edit mode. No matter what I did, it wouldn’t leave that mode or save. I could still change tiles but nothing would be saved through. I was using Chrome through a Win10 laptop.
Any ideas what’s gone wrong and what I can do to prevent that again before I lose a few hours again?
Thanks for any help.

Thanks for the message and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected. If the save icon isn’t disappearing, then something fundamental isn’t working with the save process. :thinking:

The only other time I’ve seen this was when a user was on their corporate network and the company’s network security was blocking things.

Would you happen to be on a corporate network or using enterprise-like network gear such as Ubiquiti? Or perhaps some other Firewall or network security tools (eg. PiHole)?

This happens to me on Chrome as well. I am using a work laptop, however it works fine on Edge on the same laptop and network. Only Chrome is affected.

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