Dashboard Grouping

I am running sharptools and are very happy with it. Is there a way to group dashboards? I am using a fire hd 8" tablet and have a 10" tablet is like to use and are also trying dashboards in my cell. I think it would be good nice to group different dashboards.

@Devin_Morell thanks for posting and glad to hear you are enjoying SharpTools! Can you clarify what you mean by grouping dashboards?

Sure. I have my dashboards for my fire hd 8 " such as a home page, lighting, security etc and have them saved as home tablet, lighting tablet etc. I also created a home mobile for example that is formated for my phone. Can I create a group called mobile and group the dashboard tiles that are titled mobile. Easier to find it we could create groups.

Ah, ok. So in the list of dashboards, you’d like to group them somehow?

I usually create a ‘navigation’ dashboard for my devices. I have that navigation dashboard set as my Start URL on my tablets and used the Add to Homescreen approach for my phone so the navigation dashboard loads directly.

You may have noticed in my screenshot that I named my favorite dashboard starting with a space and then a star emoji. The space as the first character sorts it to the top of the list and the star is just a quick visual so it’s easy to find.