Dashboard Global Edit?

Is there a way to make global or quick edits to dashboards or maybe access to the backend dashboard “code” to do so.

For example, you’ve reduced a dashboard’s tile size but now want to increase the default height and width of all the tiles on that dashboard. Maybe manipulate the layout of a dashboard or tile via dashboard’s config file?

Thanks, Glenn

@Glenn_Goodman, have you looked at the dashboard’s configuration page? (Click on the ... icon in the dashboard and select “Configuration”.) You can specify the tile size at the dashboard level here.

I believe he’s saying something like if you decrease the base Tile Size - for example from Medium (160px) to Small (80px) - you might want to double the size of all the existing tiles on the dashboard so they stay the ‘same size’. Then you could manually choose to add additional tiles in the smaller size or manually ‘shrink’ some of existing tiles.

As of right now, it would need to be done manually. I’ve noted the feedback though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I know how to go into Dashboard settings and reduce the tile size.

What I’m asking is there a “backend” dashboard/tile file we can manipulate to configure Dashboards/Tiles (in conjunction to using the web interface)?

For example, let’s say I’ve just reduced the Dashboard Tile Size to 80px. Now I want to change the dimension of a bunch of tiles from 1 x 1 to 2 x 4. It would be way easier to do that via a text file rather than going one by one through the web interface.

Hope that helps explain better what I’m asking.

Thanks, Glenn

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