Dashboard for multiple devices

Given devices screen size / resolutions vary, is it possible to have a dashboard scale dynamically based on devices? Or a dashboard per my device type? (iPad vs Amazon Fire vs PC, etc)

Have you tried making your dashboard scalable?

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Iā€™d suggest copying the dashboard, adjust it to the screen size and do that for every device.


As others have alluded to, you have a few options here.

You can use the Scalable dashboard sizing approach (default) which scales based on the width of the device you are viewing from. This works well if you have devices with a similar aspect ratio, like a smaller and larger tablet from the same manufacturer.

When designing dashboards for devices of dissimilar form factors, you might prefer to design a dashboard unique to each device. For example, I usually design dashboards specially for my phones and separate dashboards for my tablets. (Fire tablets and iPads are also different aspect ratios so you might prefer to design a different dashboard for each)


Thank you for all the feedbacks, scalable worked well for all my devices so far :wink: