Dashboard... Fantastic

Wow… I have to be honest i was sure i was only going to use Sharp Tools for the automation side. But i have been playing with some dashboards tonight and these are just epic… epic. I am pretty sure by the end of this i will only be using SmartThings to just add devices but all config and use will be in Sharp Tools.

Amazing work this guys. This platform is great.


Glad to hear that you are enjoying SharpTools. Both Dashboard and Rule Engine are great features in SharpTools as you have found😋, and the coolest thing is you can even bridge them together. Ex: trigger a rule from a tile in the dashboard, use a variable to aggregate devices status via a rule and present the variable in the dashboard, and more.

You may also be interested to check out the dashboard setups shared by other community members in the thread below:

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Thanks James. Will check them out. Dont get me wrong i have always loved the SmartThings platform, but SharpTools is just soooooooooo good.