Dashboard Editing Issues on Chrome Mac

I am new to Sharptools and love it but I also find this issue very frustrating. I would like a way to lock my design. I am building it for a specific screen size and will design it differently for other screens like tablets. My issue. When I get my design just right in edit mode, I save it and the tile placement changes when I go back to edit it puts the tiles back to their intended positions. I am using Chrome on a Mac for editing. .
Is there a work-around for this?

Hi @Bruce_Hobbs, welcome to the community. We need to look into this for a bit to investigate the cause of the issue. Meanwhile, if you adjust the browser’s window size slightly, does it stop this tile shifting behavior?

Hi James, thanks for the quick response.

Adjusting the browser size,even slightly, just causes more tile placement havoc.

Also, this happens no matter what the window size. I have tried setting my screen to full but this does not help either.
Probably, not related but I am finding that the excess tiles do not get deleted on save when requested. So I am ending up with a ton of blank tiles under my screen.

@Bruce_Hobbs - thanks for posting and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected. I moved this post out to it’s own thread as the original thread seemed to be more about how ‘Reflowing’ dashboards work. We’ve since introduced ‘Scalable’ dashboards as the default which should resolve the issues/requests mentioned in the other thread.

Would you mind sharing what particular version of Chrome and Mac OS you are using? I’d like to see if we can reproduce the issue and identify what’s happening.

Edit: And have you tried editing in Safari or on a different device if you have one available? Just trying to narrow down if this is something about the Browser + OS combo or some other combination like the specific style settings that are applied. :slight_smile:

MacOs Catalina 10.15.4
Chrome Version 86.0.4240.198 (Official Build) (x86_64)

I will try it on another browser and let you know if I have more luck.

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Looks like this is a browser issue. It does work fine with Safari.

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Hi @Bruce_Hobbs, we’ve recently released an update that should resolve this issue, so please let us know if this issue occurs again in Mac Chrome. :wink:

HI James,
Looks like you guys nailed it. Everything looks good.
Thanks for your quick attention.
Cheers Bruce

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I am currently experiencing this same issue on a Windows 10 pc on Chrome, Brave or Edge. No matter what I do, once I have my tiles placed as desired and save they scramble to other locations. I was not having this issue yesterday.