Dashboard does not update weather from Hubitat thing

It doesn’t seem to matter if I select a just a weather “thing” or individual things like “temperature” …neither one ever changes on my dashboard. This is true for regular tiles and supertiles.

I’m guessing I’m missing something simple.


Have you checked that the attribute values are changing on the source ‘Thing’ within Hubitat?

I also noticed that you posted a issue around ‘Error Sending Command’ earlier. What was the resolution for that?

I suspect this could be related. For example, if the Thermostat was added to your dashboard at the same time you were seeing the ‘Error Sending Command’ messages and the underlying cause of that was an issue with SharpTools talking to your Hub, even though you might have still been receiving device status updates from the hub, then the event subscriptions might not have been setup as expected.

One thing you could try is to refresh the page in your browser while viewing a dashboard with the weather thing on it. That will kickoff a healthcheck in the background that checks for any missing event subscriptions and will request that your hub sets them up as expected. You could even enabled the logging option within the SharpTools ‘app’ on Hubitat before you perform the refresh… then you could watch the logs to see what event subscription requests come through.

Thanks…the issue earlier was because while I used ST back before Rule Manager…and then spent the last 7 years with Homeseer…I’m new to Hubitat. It was a newbie mistake because I was trying to figure out why the hub was running slow. I have over 100 devices and a bunch of fairly complex RM rules. I had disabled the app…sigh. I’m in the middle of transitioning…and just getting to replacing HS Touch functionality. I wish that was the issue

It was all working when I created any tile. Though the weather tile never updated. I’ll look into the logs and find out what’s going on. I have closed, relaunched, refreshed (multiple) browsers a dozen time and do not see that message.

I’ll take a look at the logs. THANKS!

Thanks for the clarification.

Don’t forget to check the source ‘Thing’ within Hubitat. If the weather device isn’t updating within Hubitat, then it won’t in SharpTools either.

There’s no message on the client side as the healthcheck is performed silently in the background.

And in order to see related messages in the Hubitat logs, you have to explicitly enable logging within the SharpTools ‘app’ on Hubitat as verbose logging is disabled by default. :slight_smile:

So, even though I had selected all devices in the Sharp Tools app and my Weather device was one of them…I had to additionally add that device under additional devices on the next page. I saw permission warning in the log.

THANKS! You made that easy! I do still have one weird problem where the clock and date are not right on the main “Open Weather Maps” thing, and I need to figure out how to get weather icons to work, but that just part of learning.