Dashboard Crashing

I have been using sharptools and fully kiosk for a year with no issues. For the last 2 weeks I have been having frequent crashes. I have fully set to restart automatically after a crash and I have noticed it will sometimes immediately crash again while loading sharptools. Is it possible that the recent sharptools update is causing the crashes. Fully has not been able to help me resolve this issue.

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear about the troubles with Fully Kiosk Browser crashing. What model Fire tablet is it and what year?

And can you tell me more about the dashboard configuration? I’ve found that older Fire tablets can struggle with certain media resources. Might be worth testing reducing some of the graphical features to see if it helps - remove dashboard background, transparency, temporarily remove media tiles, etc. At least try to narrow it down to the minimum things that ultimately trigger the crash.

Also, does the Fire tablet have any software side-loaded on it? (eg. Google Play) In my testing, the tablets that I sideloaded Google Play onto get really slow even in normal use. Similarly, rooting shouldn’t be necessary either. For most cases, a newer model Fire HD 8 or bigger straight of the box with the Fire OS version of Fully Kiosk installed should work fine.



I am using Fire HD 8 2018.

My dashboard is mostly switches but I have 1 tile that shows a jpg of local weather and 1 tile that shows local traffic. I do not have any cameras or video. I will try removing the media tiles.

There is no additional software loaded other than fully kiosk. I am using the latest fire os version of fully kiosk.

It looks like it must be one of the media tiles. I made a simple dashboard with a door sensor, light switch and a motion sensor and it has not crashed. I will go back to my original dashboard and remove the media tiles one by one to see if I can narrow it down to the one causing the crashes.

Thanks for the update. I would not have expected a 2018 Fire tablet to struggle with one or two static images (I assume the weather and traffic are static and not GIFs). Where we’ve seen the older model Fire tablets struggle in the past is with MJPEG streams.

If you do figure out which item caused the issue, I would be interested in details to see if we can try it on our test devices. :smiley:

It looks like it was a media tile I had an issue with was going to this URL


I had the refresh interval set to 180 minutes

I took it off and there are no crashes so far.

I went to the news weather website
and it looks like they changed the layout of the site which is probably the issue. There is no longer a jpg of the weekly forecast. I also noticed that the jpeg in the link is not updated, it is from a Saturday.

Thanks for your help.

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