Dashboard Click Event

Hi, I have changed my dashboard so that it rotates every 2 minutes to a different dashboard.
I manage this via a Home Assistant automation.
I would like to be able to click on any given dashboard that is currently in focus and have it pinned (i.e. stops rotation to the next dashboard). I have this setup in the Home Assistant side with a simple boolean toggle but is it possible to capture a dashboard click event from sharptools?
I know I could add a pin tile icon somewhere but i dont want to take up the valuable screen real estate if possible. I guess ideally a tile that could overlay at the top left of the screen would be nice.

Are you doing this with Fully Kiosk Browser?

Hi, yes i am using Fully Kiosk integration combined with sensor that provides a dictionary of dashboard ids that i rotate through.

Does it have an attribute for the screensaver being active or not? I was thinking you might be able to use that to pause your automation.

Otherwise, you might be able to use Fully Kiosk’s ‘Inject JavaScript’ feature along with their Javascript Interface to react to various events on your tablet (like the screensaver stopping).

Yeah i have a toggle helper in HA that i use to stop the rotation of the dashboards. What i am wanting though is that if i touch the sharptools dashboard, it triggers that HA toggle. I know how to do the API part, its just where to hook into the screen touched event. Thanks

Yeah, I was referring to the screensaver on Fully Kiosk Browser being active or not. If that screensaver status was exposed as an attribute in your Home Assistant integration’s entity, you could use that to determine if your toggle helper should be flipped or not.

The idea being that you would enable the screensaver setting in Fully Kiosk (even if it’s just a transparent overlay). Then when you stop interacting with Fully Kiosk, the screensaver would start… and when you tap the screen and start interacting with it, the screensaver would stop. So each of those events would act as the triggers you need to determine if the ‘loop’ automation should continue or not.

If you check the link in my last reply, you’ll see that Fully Kiosk’s JavaScript Interface has event interfaces including one for screensaver start and screensaver stop. In theory, you could use the Inject JavaScript feature of Fully Kiosk to inject a script that you write… and that script could use those event hooks to determine when the screensaver stopped or started and then you could issue a request to home assistant to flip your toggle accordingly.