Dashboard change by swiping

I had to give up the big touch screen, which naturally could hold much more content than a smaller screen. Now there is less information on the smaller screen and you have to make choices about what can fit on the screen.
While testing the contents of the Dashboard, I put too many boxes underneath and I noticed that scrolling the page is actually quite a functional way. Although half of the stuff is hidden until the Dashboard is scrolled. This is where the idea came from.

Would it be possible to define features inside the Dashboard, where by scrolling outside of the screen’s own size (downwards) you would go to another dashboard. The difference to the current one would be that the new Dashboard would be locked to view in its entirety after swiping. If you wanted to switch to the previous dashboard, swiping up would lock that Dashboard for use.
As an example, you can think of the user interface of an Android phone, where each screen is a separate Dashboard with its own information. The first screen can have the time and calendar widget and the second can have an email view.

In practice, the feature could now be (kind of) enabled by adding a Dashboard shortcut and moving between dashaboards in this way. Swiping would be a modern way to move between several different dashboards and would enable a useful and comfortable user experience regardless of the screen size.

Would something like Tabbed dashboards work? We had this in Hubivue and it worked really nice, you could just wipe back and forth between the tabs which were in actuality each a separate dashboard. I really didn’t even need dashboard links. There is a thread open for voting. If this could work you may want to vote for it.

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