Dashboard as widget?

How feasible is it to have the dashboard as an actual widget on Android? I love its flexibility and I want a quicker way to access it on my phone (I’d just devote an entire secondary page to the widget).

While I love the widgets I have now, making and customizing widget items on my phone isn’t nearly as flexible.

Unfortunately, Android doesn’t support using web pages as widgets. There are some apps that try to work around it by what amounts to periodically screenshotting a webpage, but we would recommend against that approach.

If you have Tasker, you can build some really cool custom widgets. It takes a lot of effort, but the end result is really impressive. Here’s some examples:

Custom Homescreen on Huge Tablet

Custom ‘Remote Control’ using Tasker Scenes

Homescreen with Custom Widgets

And here’s a starter tutorial which covers the core concepts:

Makes sense. Tasker is my last frontier of platforms that I know I’d get a lot of use from but have yet to dive into.