Dashboard Animation

I have multiple dashboards with a consistent navigation on the left side of my screen. The navigation is made up of a bunch of super tiles. When loading another dashboard, all navigation entries on the left side stay static while the main content flies in with a little animation from the top left of the screen. For some reason, there is ONE tile in the navigation that is also animated and flies in together with all the main content while all other tiles stay put.

What defines which tiles are subject to animation and which ones are not reloaded?

The screenshot shows the dashboard in the process of loading. The navigation is already in place while the main content is moving in. You can see one tile moving in place in the navigation. Why?

Internally, each of the tiles has their own identifier. If the identifier is exactly the same as you switch between dashboards, the tile will not be rerendered and the existing copy of the tile stays on the screen.

When you copy an individual tile, that tile gets a new internal ID assigned.

When you copy a whole dashboard, all of the items are copied as-is to the new dashboard, retaining their existing IDs. If you then delete and add a new tile to the dashboard, the new tile has a completely new ID.

Thanks @josh ! That explains what is happening. Do you have any idea how this could be solved so that for example the navigation does not get re-rendered?

I have the same question as Bernhard. I think a lot of us have navigation panels on the side. For speed and to not have them animated, what is the best practice?

Is it to make one set and then copy that dashboard and then copy it to others as the default one?

more importantly I would like to have a reusable tile group that I can reuse on multiple dashboards such as a navigation :slight_smile:

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Many people prefer to use Super Tiles for this sort of thing as they can have a single ‘tile’ that contains their full navigation bar… and then can just adjust that one Super Tile anytime they want to make adjustments to their navigation menu.

This blog post covers the high level concept in one of the sections… though I’ve seen people do fancier versions of this by uploading images to their account as ‘icons’ and using those to add more flourishes to their menus (eg. button background).

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Thanks @josh ! I remember you suggested that before and I used this approach for a different dashboard / home. However, super tiles are a bit more involved. Especially layout and spacing are time consuming and tricky. Especially for very large tiles such as a navigation with many entries. Because the above dashboard is much more complex than my other one, I decided the super tile approach was not sustainable. So it works, technically…
I would still be happy to have something like a reusable tile group. I am sure I would find other applications than just navigation. For example my AC controls or temperature dashboard with multiple thermometers.