DarkSky.net Weather Tile Missing?

I’m stumped…I added a couple of devices over the weekend and noticed that my weather tile had fallen off my Dashboard. I figured I would just add it back in put even though it’s authorized it doesn’t appear in the “Things” category to add back in. I unauthorized it and added it back but it still doesn’t give me the option to add it? Any thoughts? Also - I’m on the latest version of Hubitat.

Thanks for posting, Mark.

Can you provide a few additional details:

  • What version of the device driver are you using?
  • What preferences are enabled?
  • What attribute states are currently being reported?
    Note: You can copy-paste the list here.

My suspicion is that the device is getting skipped during the sync process for some reason. The most common reason for this with weather drivers is the device is either reporting so much data that it’s tripping the Hubitat Cloud Relay’s limit… or that the device is reporting that it supports a certain set of attributes, but they are missing.

Edit: If you’re interested, I took a stab at trimming down Matthew’s driver and creating a simplified / streamlined driver that only reports the attributes needed for SharpTools. You will likely want to create a brand new device using this driver rather than using an existing device.

Simplified version of Matthew's driver - ALL CREDIT TO MATHEW - this is just a fix for quirks in Hubitat with missing defined attributes · GitHub

Fair warning that I do not plan on keeping this driver updated as Matthew makes changes, but it seems like all the core features are already there and working as expected. :smiley:

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I just went through this myself, oddly enough I found mine under the “temperature sensors”

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As usual…you nailed it. You’re driver did the trick…I was running the latest version and attempted to turn off darn near everything in the driver but it still wouldn’t appear.
As soon as I loaded in the simplified driver it popped right up! thanks Josh!

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