Customizing a Custom Tile?

Halo again,
can it be used in cooperation with a homey custom dimmer like this one: Custom dimmer
Thanks for advice

It looks like that custom tile was developed by a community member specifically using the SmartThings API, so it can’t be used directly with Homey but if anyone has the requisite skills, they could update the tile to use the Homey API.

Hi josh,
what all needs to be changed to make it work?
I would like to try it.
Or is there no other way to make a similar dimmer?

I didn’t write that particular custom tile, so I can’t speak to it in detail, but you would need to change each of the parts that interact with the SmartThings API to interact with the Homey API.

From a quick look at the code, you could do a search in the code for axios to find all the spots it interacts with the API as the Axios library is used to make the HTTP / REST API calls. In this case, it looks like it’s primarily:

  • getDimLevel()
  • setDimLevel()

If you have a Homey 2023 that can generate tokens, the original source for the Homey Flows example could be a good starting point to reference as it’s a relatively simplified interaction with the Homey API directly.

The other examples in this thread work across older Homey versions too, but that makes their code a bit more complicated as it has more logic to handle the different approaches. :slight_smile:

Hi Josh!
Thanks for the advice, this is probably too complicated for me at the moment.
I plan to switch from Homey Pro 2019 to Homey Pro 2023 in the near future.
So I’ll probably wait and solve the dimmers in the new device.
Would you then help in solving these dimmers?
I will be happy to participate in the testing.

Nice days


SharpTools dashboards have native support for a variety of device types including on/off switches and dimmers.

As noted above, the custom tile you linked to was developed by another community member and is not something I can provide direct support for.