Custom Tile UI Improvements, April14-2022

I would like to see some usability improvements in the Developer tools / Custom tiles editor. I know this wont get a bunch of votes since not a lot use this but the first part of list should be easy.

  1. Get rid of the dead space and around the editor so the HTML editor doesnt require one to scroll left or right to see everything, The editor is too narrow. Sure I can expand the editor but then it has no update or other buttons…

  2. Add additional update button at top also so you dont need to scroll all the way down.

  3. Add a Save-As button so you can make something new from something existing and save as a new custom tile. Only way to do this now is to copy all the HTML code, then go to create new custom tile, HTML, paste, type new name, save… Then work on your new tile.

  4. Add additional “Create New” button on top so you dont need to scroll down to find it.

OK, so here’s the stretch goals, I would be fine if the above was done and the feature request could be closed.

  1. Ability to move Settings up or down to change the display order in the tile editor. If you have tried to do this in the code then you know its a real chore. It wont take unless you recreate a new custom tile and move stuff around before you save

  2. Add a fourth Option category; “NOTES” or “TEXT”. So you can add a few lines of text of instructions or details to show up in tile editor. No input or output, just text that can occupy a few lines if needed.

  3. Give us some more line space in the tile editor