Custom Tile Maker for Gauges

I am trying to create the Custom Tile Hubitat Gauges that look so cool on the Community Site. I have installed the Maker API, and listed all the devices that I want included.
Here is my question:
When I go to the area to load the tile from the Community example,“Custom Tile Editor Custom Gauges”
and hit preview, I get the red message indicating there was an error.
I think my problem may be that I am not formatting the url correctly.
Can someone give me the correct formatting as it relates to the Device ID?
Like: [ how to place Id here]?access_token=my token number

How Do I enter the Device Id, just the DeviceId number? Enclose the DeviceId in brackets ? Or some other format? Keep the question mark after Device ID? Or remove the ? mark?
Help would be much appreciated.

Never Mind, I figured out what was missing on my Hubitat Maker app area

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