Custom tile layout for mobile devices?

Hi, I have my dashboard set up exactly the way I like it on my Fire Tablet 10". However when I access the dashboard on my phone the layout and placement for the tiles is way off. Is there a way to have a custom layout for mobile only? That way it looks good on my tablet and on my phone. Even the ability to hide some tiles for mobile would be nice. I dont need things like weather and clock and security camera on the phone. Any help with this is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Tony_Matejek, the tiles flows top down and left to right to fit different display sizes. You can create another dedicated dashboard for your mobile device with the ideal layout for your mobile device. I have done the same way, and, like you said, my mobile dashboard has very different tiles than my main dashboard for my wall mounted tablet. I don’t have the weather, album art, camera tiles on my mobile dashboard because I don’t need those when I am on my mobile.

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Ah! of course. I should have thought of just making a custom dashboard. Thats what I’ll do then.

Thanks James

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