Custom tile in a super tile

Hi, is it possible to include a custom tile in a super tile ?

No, you cannot embed other tiles within Super Tiles. What were you hoping to accomplish? Perhaps there’s another way to achieve it.

PS. You can find some details comparing Super Tiles with other tile types in the following article:

And the Super Tile article describes the type of content you can embed in Super Tiles (thing attributes, variables, date/time, labels, icons):

The use case is to utilize custom tiles into one super tile and mix it with things to create a larger group tile. Then it can be used in dashboards as one tile

Can you share more details? If it’s multiple Custom Tiles mixed together, couldn’t you create one Custom Tile that mixes together all the concepts of the individual custom tiles? Or just add the individual Custom Tiles to a dashboard in various positions?

Trying to better understand why a Super Tile needs to be involved or what added value it would provide?

You are right, with the knowledge of HTML or JavaScript it can be built. Thanks for pointing out

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