Custom tile - he google photos


@josh you once created custom tile demo to show how to get google slideshow to dashboard.
I notice just a while ago that photos do not fill whole tile. Actually it seems like none of the scaling settings work anymore.

Here’s example:

And tile scaling settings are:

Also noticed that dkilgore90 has recently updated google photos device app code.


change image html to avoid cropping

Is there something that I …or someone else could do with custom tile code so that it would work like it used to.

I presume you are referring to this bespoke HE Google Photos Custom Tile.

I just pushed an update which should force your preferred scaling. You’ll need to update your custom tile to pull in the latest changes.

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Thanks. Did an update and I will report later how it works.
One more thing. Is it possible to add mute/unmute button to tile. If default setting can be choose from tile configuration like at the moment… but if viewer wants to enable audio it would be great to add mute/unmute button to tile.

@josh . Update is not working and it really means that update isn’t working. I’m following instructions and final step where “update” button is clicked leads to an error.

BUT…when doing clean start and importing new custom tile → everything works. It seems to now scale like it should be. Thanks!!