Custom Tile Feedback

After playing around with the Custom Tiles I think its awesome but I have some feedback. Mostly small things.

  1. “Additional Configuration” Change “Label” to “Enable Tile Editor Label” so its more clear what it does.
  2. HTML var tileSettings = {…} doesn’t do anything if I populate it. Doesn’t take the values in the code and write to the tile editor in preview or tile editor. Maybe I missed how it works.
  3. If using a BOOLEAN tile setting it sometimes requires you to toggle it in the tile editor for it to take effect.
  4. There’s no way to default a BOOLEAN to ON in the HTML editor that I found. Need to invert logic the code.
  5. Would be cool if you could rearrange the HTML tile settings up or down instead of deleting them all and re-entering in the order you want.
  6. I think the HTML editor could be a bit wider. I know there’s full screen but that gets compromised vertically if you have a preview up.
  7. A way to reduce the preview if in full screen mode.
  8. Add an optional url field to snag code from a repository. Or another easier way to share.
  9. Would be some convenience if there was an additional save/update button at the top of page in addition to the one at the bottom.
  10. Option to do a “Save As” so you can save changes under a new custom tile name.
  11. Maybe “Custom Tile” should move out of “Other” bin and be in the main “Add Item” list.
  12. Tile editor should show the name of the custom tile used at the top of editor.

@kampto, thanks for the feedback. :+1:

Can you show the snippet of the code where tileSettings is used? So I can better understand what you are trying to achieve. Please note that you won’t be able to show display the dynamic data in the Tile Editor, but you can access the data user input in the Tile Editor using the stio library.

   var settings = data.settings;

What do you mean by it requires users to toggle before it takes effect? Do you mean the option is checked in the tile editor, but received its value as false in the code in stio.ready() until user toggles the option a few times? Can you please share the code so I can help take a look in details? Or let me know if I misunderstood the question.

You can manually edit the tile-settings schema at top of the code to add the default value for now, and we can add the default option to the UI.

<script type="application/json" id="tile-settings">
  "schema": "0.1.0",
  "settings": [
      "name": "isGood",
      "label": "Boolean Test",
      "type": "BOOLEAN",
      "default": true
  "name": "James test"

Code is in the link below.

  1. Check line 75, This var tileSettings = {…}. came from the example I picked up from you guys. I was under the impression that I could enter in settings in the HTML here. But it doesnt work that way. No big deal though.

  2. If I make a tile and have a boolean setting to false (unchecked) as default, Sometimes it would not take it as false unless I checked the box and then unchecked it again. Happens occasionally.

  3. I just tried adding “default”: true to a boolean schema setting but it didn’t work. Will mess around with it a bit more. I like the UI idea as an optional entry.