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So, as discussed on a previous thread, my mini split is only partially compatible with the thermostat premade tile.

As a result, I’m going to attempt to make my first super tile to recreate something with similar controls but that fully works with my device.

Having said that, I can’t figure out how to do a modal popup window in a super tile. I can see how I can have a clickable button in a supertile that can link to a different dashboard as a overlay…this is similar to a modal popup, but not quite the same.

Is there a way that I can basically recreate the “Adjust” button on the thermostat tile on my custom super tile?

That would be the way for building a custom ‘modal’ type of experience.

Have you considered reaching out to SmartThings to see if they would consider fixing their thermostat implementation? It seems really odd that Samsung would use a non-standard integration that uses the Thermostat Cooling Setpoint to set the heating setpoint when there’s a proper Thermostat Heating Setpoint that they should be using.

Just brainstorming alternatives here, but I wonder if there’s some way to use a virtual thermostat as a proxy for the actual request. Like when you call the Set Heating Setpoint command on the virtual thermostat, have a rule that would change the mode to ‘heat’ on the real thermostat if it wasn’t already in heat mode and set the ‘cooling’ setpoint on the real thermostat. The virtual device would also need the ability for you to update each of the setpoints on the virtual device when they are updated from the real device without calling the ‘Set XXX Setpoint’ command (eg. just updating the value). I’m not sure if the community has built a virtual device quite like this.

I’d like to revisit these non-standard thermostat implementations to see if it’s something we could offer as an option on our side to try to workaround, but it’s not something I can commit to immediately.

Hahaha…I think I’d have more luck contacting the IRS to reduce my taxes. Joking aside, probably is worth posting on the ST forums.

Is there a way to make it that when my “modal” window (aka dashboard overlay) has a button clicked that it auto closes and goes back to the original dashboard (so I don’t have to click the “X” to close it)?

So I tried this a while back with my nest thermostats. Thanks to google being awesome, Nest doesn’t export outside of Smart Things, and as such, I can’t even “see” my nest thermostats in SharpTools. I was having a hard time figuring out how to get my virtual thermostat to mirror both the set temps and actual room temp. I gave up trying. The one big difference, however, is I was trying to do the mirror within Smart Things.

In this situation, because my mini split IS visible in sharp tools, I might be able to do the mirror via rules and variables which have more capabilities than being limited to Smart Things routines.

I’d suggest posting in the SmartThings Community and tag AlejandroPadilla

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I’d like to cast a vote for revisiting this, my Cielo Breez has the same issue. It only uses 1 type of setpoint, from the top of my head don’t remember cooling or heating. But I can’t fully use the current thermostat tile.

For what it is worth, I was able to recreate the native controller and make my own very similar one that has all the proper controls. It took making a couple of super tiles, a few variables, a few rules, and an additional dashboard for a pop up. All in all a few hours of work. It would have been awesome if samsung would have made theirs more compatible, but this is a good solution for me. Here is what my main tile looks like:


The up and down arrows do work regardless of mode, and when you click anywhere else on the tile a new mini dashboard overlay pops up like this:

This allows you to turn the system on and off, and also go between heat and cool. I could add fan modes here too if desired (and likely will in the future). One thing I’m trying to implement is also the ability to manually type in a temperature to set the thermostat at so you don’t have to press the up button 20 times to go from 50 to 70. I can get it to work on my computer using a variable that you can manually edit with a pop up, however running into issues with ipad integration on that one.

Note: this was my first time making a supertile and incorporating so much into one thing within sharptools. A bit of a learning curve, but really not all that difficult. The key to my success was watching the capabilities and attributes of my mini split as I made changes to my thermostat with the remote control it came with. From there I was able to see what attributes were changing when I say adjusted temperature and what the format of those values were that were making changes…note in some situations these were case sensitive. Heat does not equal heat. To see these I followed josh’s directions:

  1. Open your SharpTools User Page
  2. Tap the ... next to the location in question
  3. Scroll down and tap on the device