Create in full versus responsive

So if I like the add and adjust things without using devtools to set a target screen and see how my tile layout looks, I get a difference like:

On regular browser full screen:

One a responsive screen targetting a 7" screen:

Notice how the tiles are jumbled? What do you all do to work around this?

@Mark_Godfrey, do you have the targeted device(tablet/mobile) near you when editing the dashboard? It’d be easier if you have the device near you so you can watch the layout change on the device real-time while editing the dashboard on your PC/Mac. Meanwhile, since you are a beta tester, you may be interested to try the “Scalable Dashboard” feature that is currently in beta. :wink:

Normally just doing between 2 browsers at the moment. Is there no way within browsers side by side?

Maybe I’m just misunderstanding the question… if you want the two different browser windows to look the same, then they need to be the same width. So either manually adjust them to be roughly the same width or use Dev Tools like you mentioned.

:point_up_2: This is the real answer. The new scalable dashboards feature is perfect for what I wanted.