Cozi Calendar Feed

Need a little help please.

I use Cozi to manage our family calendars. I was able to integrate it into the Dakboard when we had that. But when I use it on sharptools, it doesn’t show any events. It will do the connection, but then just shows

I can see calendar items in the app though.

Hi @Krystal_Santiago, I just did a quick test and I am able to show my Cozi calendar in the dashboard no problem. Please note that the calendar shows the events from upcoming 7 days, and it syncs every 30 minutes for premium users and every 6 hour for free users. Try adding an event in a day or two, and check if its shows up in the calendar tile later, or let me know you still have an issue with it.

Thank you! Discovered the problem. We use Cozi to aggregate from multiple google calendars. It doesn’t actually pull the data in though, it just is a pass through. So when SharpTools pulls Cozi, it doesn’t get the google. Not sure why this wasn’t a problem on Dakboard.

That’s interesting. Are you using the same iCal link? and can you see the events if you validate the iCal link in the iCalendar Validator site below?