Count Up or Down Timer, Custom tile

Count up or Down Timer with tons of options. So you can do things like set how many days before you want to change a sink filter or just monitor how long its been, or time since anything. Or set a count down till a vacation day. The resolution is Weeks, Days or Days+Hours. It does not rely on any hub connections, it runs in the browser. When the time is reach it displays “EXPIRED”. Example can look like this or what ever message or color you want.

The dash board tile editor has the basic setting plus lots of timer relevant settings:

Get this timer which can do both Up/Down and lots more options. Has weeks, can edit expired message, change font color, change expired tile format, reset button, etc…

This is the latest, June 2022, Download THIS ONE:
Count Up or Down Timer, advanced

Old, May 2021, updates not supported:
Download Links: (Both Depreciated, get the one above instead.)
Count Up Timer
Count Down Timer

Click the timer link, it will load in sharptools developers. Scroll down to the bottom and save.
Go to Dashboard / Edit / Add Thing / Other / Custom Tile / Timer tile. The go to the tile and edit, set your settings. Done. If things get weird after saving tile then refresh the browser and it should recover.


Thanks. These are great! You’ve given me some ideas to work on.

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:laughing: - I’ve just found this post after spending 10 minutes on Hubitat - creating a daysLeft variable, creating a connector, creating a rule in RM to deduct a day at 1 minute past midnight, authorising that thing to SharpTools, then adding the tile. Maybe I should’ve searched the forum here first :thinking:


is there any way I can change the color of the countdown timer numbers?

Interesting, the Tile editor / Style wont change the content color. Go to Account / Developer tools / custom tiles. Open the Countdown or Count Up timer HTML. Find this area in the code

Add the line I highlighted above. Change to what ever color you want using the color text or HEX code. Hit “Update” at the bottom.
You can keep the line there and uncomment it if you don’t want to use it by surrounding that line with /* … */

I will add for next github download with it commented out, whenever that is.


worked like a champ. Thanks!!!

This is great. I’m now using the Count Down Timer to mark how long until our next trip away. My wife asked (blame her, not me :wink:) if the options could be expanded to show weeks and days? A big number (currently 50) is a bit more depressing than 7 weeks 1 day, when you’re looking forward to something!

one last dumb question…I’m new to this. At the end of the countdown cycle, is there anyway I can have the tile change color or pulse? I’m using them to let me know when to change out the aair handler and humidifier filters in my house. Sad thing is, I’m an HVAC tech. :slight_smile:

Ok! will see what I can do time permitting this weekend with my limited HTML skillz…
Add weeks, some color options when expires, etc…


Thanks!!! I really appreciate it. Where’s the link to support the page?

Made some changes and improvements. Its a new combined everything tile.

  1. You can do a count down or up from same tile. Hit the check box for count up.
  2. Added weeks+days. Will switch to day+hours when week <1. Only select 1 of the time display options.
  3. Can now enter font color by color name or using HEX. Don’t use caps. Tile title is still changed by the tile editor ‘Style’.
  4. Can change the expiration message
  5. Can change the expiration background color, color name or HEX
  6. Can choose to pulse the content when expired

Procedure to load and configure is same as post 1 but with more tile editor options.
Count Up or Down Timer, advanced


Not sure what’s happening on mine. I’ve selected May 22 as target date, but if I select the checkbox for “Show weeks and days” it’s showing 25 mins. It’s currently 25 mins to midnight so it seems to have ignored the date input (I observed the format correctly)

You only have the weeks + days checked? I put in “May 22, 2022” and I see this:

OK, I think I know the issue. Its switching the from Weeks+days to days only if < 1 week, and so on if < 1day to hr only and the order is wrong so if the hour unit is <1 it wont print the weeks or days. Give me some time to figure and correct it.

The issue should be fixed now. And when you select weeks+days if it gets to <1 week it will change to days+hours and so on. Same for the days+hours, if < 1day it will go to hour+min. You need upload latest code. Delete the old custom tile HTML and hit that link again, or see if that update thing works which I cant seem to find.

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Great thanks - I’ll update now

@kampto I updated and the display shows correctly in weeks and days. I think something may still be amiss however. I’ve set the new tile to a target date time as shown:

It displayed when set at 6 Weeks 6 Days which was correct at the time but it is not counting down - so is still showing the same after a couple of days.

Fixed. Go to the HTML page and hit this settings icon. Should be a download latest option, select that and save/update, you should be good to go.



Yup - that fixed and immediately knocked the two days off. Thanks so much. :+1:

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@kampto - Thanks for the improvements! A little fiddling and it does everything I wanted.