Costs against action tiles

Just wondering if there is a plan for making the price non subscription based. Action tiles a permanent price which is equal to only a year for smart tools?

@Liam thanks for the message. We don’t have any plans to offer a one-time license at the moment.

Since there are ongoing costs per connected user, a subscription aligns best with what we’re providing. That being said, we’re considering introducing a discounted annual offering - is that something you would be interested in?


I’d prefer to pay annually at a discounted rate!


Honestly I’m not sure. I think I’d have to see how easy action tiles was to use as their one of license is only one year for smart tools. While I appreciate your platform I’m not sure it’s as cost effective.

Thanks for your reply!

Thanks for the feedback. Here’s a few things to consider:

  • The AT license is for a specific version of their software (V6) - what happens when they release V7?

  • SharpTools has a number of unique features including a full Rule Engine, Integration with mutliple platforms, Calendars, News Feeds, Drag and Drop Interface, Deep tile customization, and more!

    Also compare how quickly new features are added. SharpTools has a history of releasing updates every few weeks, compared to AT releasing every few months.

  • SharpTools allows unlimited hubs / locations / devices and has support for multiple platforms

    Which means if you ever want to add smart home devices from another platform, you are covered under your current license. (AT requires you to buy a license per hub/location)

  • And you can always use the free tier with SharpTools indefinitely!


I think an annual discounted fee would be beneficial.


Josh, an annual option would be amazing. One of the reasons I havent subscribed is not because of the $3, but because the bank charges me per debit order. This cost takes the fee up to almost $4.50 which just becomes crazy. Would happily pay $25 or $28 (or even no discount) as a yearly rather than monthly.