Convince me that I need this with hubitat

Hello! I stumbled across this product and have been playing around with it a little. I’m a new hubitat user, having just switched from you-know-who, and still getting used to it.

I’d love to hear some reasons why you are using sharptools, especially the paid version. Some of my thoughts after a little playing.

  • It’s nicer looking than hubitat
  • Using this means back to cloud-based (fine when not home, but would prefer local when home)
  • While I read mention of presence sensors/indicators here, I’ve been unable to locate that and don’t see my hubitat virtual devices here.
  • Rules … again, hubitat has rules (still green with them), which are local. Making rules in this app means cloud-based rules. Any thoughts on sharptools rules vs hubitat?
  • Android - looks like this is for SmartThings only.
  • Was able to bind my Sonos to a player control and an art tile, but the art doesn’t show up on iPad - just on the PC.


@Todd_Beaulieu welcome to the community. :grinning:

Did you create the virtual device after connect Hubitat to SharpTools? If so you will need to authorize it to SharpTools again by following the platform connection process again in the User Page.

The Album Art should work across all modern browsers, including Safari on iPad. If you can send a screenshot of your iPad dashboard with the information about this issue to, I’d be happy to assist and troubleshoot for you.

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James, you were correct. I had to add those things into the hubitat app. As for the player … I was comparing the ipad screen to my PC screen … which I hadn’t hit save on yet! Dope. The ipad screen layout doesn’t match the pc, in either orientation. I’ll have to play with that, I guess.


Looking forward to hearing some user feedback …

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Thanks for the updates. BTW, you may want to take a look of this post for tips of designing dashboard layout for devices with different screen sizes, such as iPad, on a PC.

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The biggest thing for me is that SharpTools is just so much better looking and easier to use. For something that’s going to be on my wall and displayed all the time, its important that it looks good and functions well.