Controlling buttons from Hubitat

Trying to set up things which are specific buttons on Wallmote button devices. I guess I need to create a virtual switch for each button to control them?

Thanks for posting. Is there a particular end device or rule you are trying to control? Perhaps something that’s already controlled by your wallmote?

Button devices typically just report their state. They can be physically controlled, but typically cannot be digitally controlled or actuated.

Josh - I have a wallmote button controller that I use for turning everything off was hoping use a dashboard tile to execute that wallmote button. I first tried to have the wallmote button be the trigger in your rule machine but realized I couldn’t specify which button. I guess my easiest solution is create a virtual button in HE and then add that as a trigger to the rule in HE.

@Greg_Cole, I never tested WallMote, but thought you are able to specify the pushed event with number when adding it as trigger. I added the wallmote device in HE without the physical hardware, and was able to see the number field, which should represent what button was pushed. Please let me know if this not the case for you.

Just to clarify, if you create a Rule which has a Trigger based on your Wallmote button physically being pressed, then your Rule Flow will run when your Wallmote button is physically pressed.

To your point, if you already have a rule setup in Hubitat, then you can create a Virtual Switch and add that to your existing rule. Then you can configure that Virtual Switch to automatically turn off… And use that Virtual Switch in your dashboard.

Edit: here’s a post showing how to configure a Virtual Switch as a momentary switch: