Control multiple lights with one tile

Hi Guys, new to ST and trying to figure out how to set up my dashboard.

Is there a simple way to control multiple smart bulbs by one tile? I.E one tile per room?


It may depend in some part on your hub, but generally speaking you can do this with a scene. The scene controls the multiple lights and you have one tile on your dashboard for the scene.

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So I would need to set up the scene in the SmartThings app? Currently I’m using Hue but don’t think that can be integrated?

Hi @Declan, welcome to the community. You can create virtual switches for each room, and use Smart Lighting (smartapp) to automate multiple lights when the virtual switch is turned on/off. See @Steve_Jackson post for more details.

And here is a nice video post by @Justin_Newbury at SimplySmart for how to create Virtual Switch in SmartThings.

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Will give that a try now, thank you :blush:

There’s a community developed ‘Hue B Smart’ integration that can control a group of Philips Hue lights:

Otherwise, I’d generally recommend the Virtual Switch + Smart Lighting approach. It has the benefit of being able to run locally on the hub, so it’s one of the faster approaches. (Hue B Smart is even faster if you are using native Hue Groups as it can take advantage of ‘multicasting’ to tell all the lights to change all at once)