Context Variable Question

When writing a rule with triggers that are stays open or stays closed, can you use a context event variable in the action IF section? If yes, what is the event type, stays or open/closed?

door stays closed for 1 min
door stays open for 5 minute

IF (want to replace with context event variable)
door stays closed for 1 min OR
door stays open for 5 minute

set variable true

set variable false

In this example, the IF Condition would be redundant since it’s the same as the triggers.

Did you mean that the triggers would be:


  • Door changes to closed
  • Door stays closed for 1 min
  • Door changes to open
  • Door stays closed for 5 min

And you are wanting to differentiate between the ‘stays’ and the regular trigger? I don’t think there’s any context metadata that distinguishes these two. Depending on what you are trying to do, you could split it out into two rules and accomplish the same goal.