Contact Sensor Tile with Icon and Display Battery

I have two Smartthings Multi Sensors that I am using to determine the status of my garage doors. To save on dashboard real estate, I’m hoping to have the battery status for each one in the same primary tile instead of creating a separate battery status tile.

In the following screenshot, the left tile has the battery status, but no icon. The right tile has the icon, but no battery status.

I have the left tile set as a “Hero” attribute layout. It has all the information, but I’d like to use an icon instead of “Closed” or “Open” and I would like to change the icon color if it is “Open”. I’m struggling to get my rules right to get them to trigger on the displayed status. this is what I have tried. I’ve tried it with and without surrounding double quotes.

The right tile is set to the “Contact Sensor Tile”. It allows me to choose the state that I want to target for styling, but I can’t find a way to change the “Open/Closed” status in the bottom right to the battery status.

I’d appreciate any suggestions, insight or workarounds. Thanks

@Tyler_Boespflug welcome to the community. Try the lower case closed and open in your state mapping as shown in the screenshot below. That should fix the icon issue for you, and here is another screenshot of the tile.


However, if you only wants to display the icon and batter value without the contact value, the Super Tile, that is currently available in beta, would provide the customization flexibility you wanted. Let me know if you are interested in joining the beta tester program. :wink:

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Thanks James! That worked, I should have known to drop the case, especially after trying with quotes and attempting to use wildcards.

I wouldn’t mind trying out the beta program. I’m playing around with things right now anyway, so this is another thing to add to my options list.