Connecting to things like SmartLife app, etc

So I have a few string lights and other items that connect via Feit, Smartlight, etc. that use wifi and all to connect to their apps and all. How can I add these as a switch and all?

For the LED string lights, how can I also change color of lights with Sharptools?

Are these all Tuya/SmartLife connected devices?

There’s a community developed Tuya/SmartLife integration for both Hubitat and SmartThings… and SmartThings is rumored to be working on a native Tuya integration.

Correct. I have some working via SmartThings, but others not. Not sure why yet other than the one I did some of them in terms of integration versus others. Maybe I need to reset them.

For the Feit, that is an order 2 prong plug that syncs over wifi.