Compound Trigger

I am trying to create a rule where if both my gate is open for 5 minutes and there has been no motion detected for 5 minutes it will close the gate. The triggers seem to be if any are true it fires the action. If I put the motion sensor in an if statement it will just else condition out if it hasn’t been 5 minutes.

Is there something about the rule that isn’t working? If so, have you checked the logs for any clues?

It reads as: when the gate stays open for 5 minutes, then check if the motion sensor has been inactive for 5 minutes, and if so close the gate and send a notification.

The logs display:

IF condition logic is not matched. Continuing to activities in the “ELSE” path.

I would like it if it would just keep checking for inactivity then close gate.

Thanks for the clarification. You can add both items as triggers and both as conditions if you want the actions to run when either of the devices stay in the desired state and both have stayed in the desired state.

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